My Vision

Hello, my name is Tauheedul Ali and I’m here to share my experiences from over six years in the fields of telecommunications, e-commerce, support, and software development. Technology is a key to progression into the age of tomorrow. I see a future where artificial intelligent technology works alongside humanity to tackle issues such as helping to create and implement strategies to defeat poverty, work alongside individuals who are impaired or disabled, and further aid in the research process for healthcare leading to cured diseases and improved lifetimes.

Looking at what humanity has achieved in the past, if we use our shared interdisciplinary insights and skills we will be able to create incredible technology that can serve us and our future generations. We will be able to achieve things that previous generations could only dream of. I believe that the online community should have open access resources to learn how to better themselves and the world around them. Along with access to research, I think that software that impacts the lives of the public should be made open source so it can be improved and continue to serve the community needs as they change.

Here at my blog, I will be sharing articles on ideas which I believe can benefit the world alongside emerging news and trends in the world of AI. To build AI that serves us best, we need to collaborate and ensure we build technology that is ethically aligned with our goals.


As a global community, we should volunteer our time and knowledge to better learn from each other as well as volunteer our time in times of need. It's this compassion that we share with each other which will be brought into the realm of ethics involving AI.

We have seen the endless possibilities of which AI may be able to produce from the creative thoughts of science fiction found in books, movies, and video games, all which can stand to be a blueprint for the artificial intelligence we seek to create. Follow me in this adventurous world of AI and future technology.

Tauheedul Ali

Hybrid AI UK - Blog Editor

I'm a Software Developer, I write code...

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